Weaver-Cordura Sheep Blanket, Solid Butt


SKU: 35-3500

Constructed from durable, rip-resistant Cordura® material, our top quality blanket keeps sheep clean, provides protection from the elements and offers another barrier against fungus. This strong, plastic coated mesh butt style is great for ewe lambs and provides additional ventilation for warm weather use. Edges lined with black binding, leg gussets for extended leg movements, neck cuffs for extra protection and snap and ring ends that rest inside pockets to prevent chafing all set these blankets apart as the best on the market. Size tag is sewn into pocket for easy identification. Machine wash separately with cold water, line dry only, do not bleach. Sizes: Small fits 80-120 lb. lambs. Medium fits 110-140 lb. lambs. Large fits 130-170 lb. lambs. small medium large pink green blue

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