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HEALTHY HORSE™ is a combination of our 4 best selling products, HEMEX (blood builder), Immune Boost, Liver Flush, and Lung Flush. Available in 4L
HEMEX™ is an effective liquid herbal extract that has been proven to treat anaemia by increasing red cell counts. Increasing the red cell count is especially important for high performance horses.
IMMUNE BOOST™, when used regularly, will stimulate the horse’s immune system and thus help decrease the incidence of illness caused by viruses and bacteria. Equine Immune Boost can also be used to treat a horse with viral illness. It will decrease the severity and the down time from illness.
LIVER FLUSH™ is used to cleanse and support the liver. The liver is the site of detoxification of drugs (e.g. steroids), synthesis of proteins, glycogen and fats. The liver is the most metabolically active organ in the body. In order to have a healthy horse it is important that the liver be functioning at its peak efficiency.
LUNG FLUSH™ is used to help clean and support the lungs. It provides antioxidant support to the lungs and increases lung metabolism thus increasing the efficiency of oxygen intake. Since the lungs are the only place in the body where oxygen exchange occurs, it must function at peak efficiency if the horse is to have an optimum performance.

In summary, HEALTHY HORSE™ is a blood builder, immune booster, liver and lung cleanser in one convenient package. With regular use Healthy Horse will decrease the number of sick days experienced by your animal, it will increase the energy of the horse, it will increase the red blood cell count. Healthy horse treats the entire horse and leads him back to health. A Healthy Horse is a better performing horse.

Give 100cc daily for 21 days. Stop for 1 week and repeat.

Healthy Horse™ is manufactured under strict GMP standards. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat health conditions. We always recommend consultation with your veterinarian for proper diagnosis

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