P10 Patriot Dual Purpose Fence Energizer


SKU: 803402

Great choice for fencing a small number of livestock.
30 Miles/ 100 Acres


  • Multiple power options
  • Dual-Purpose feature allows energizer to run on 110 V plug or 12 V (deep cycle, marine type) battery*.
  • Solar compatible
  • Solar panel* charges a 12 V (deep cycle, marine type) battery* to power the Patriot Dual Purpose energizer and fence line. Ideal for remote areas where AC (110 V) power is not available.
  • Low impedance energizer
  • Designed to deliver power to the end of the fence even under heavy load e.g. foliage, undergrowth.
  • LED indicator
  • LED indicates pulses when energizer is working.
  • Robust design
  • Easy, safe installation and good wire connection.
  • Easy mounting options
  • Unique, clip-on wire feature allows mounting on fence wire.

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