Basic Equine Tea Tree Oil Pure

Basic Equine

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125 ml Apply pure TEA TREE OIL or diluted if desirable, sparingly, directly to the site of the problem: rashes, cuts, or itches. Tea Tree Oil has powerful abilities to clean and help heal wounds and skin ailments in people and animals. Horse owners have also found a use for tea tree oil as a fly repellent. Application around horses eyes, face and body helps to repel flies. The oil also acts as a preventative measure against infection or irritation of the skin, it is a powerful broad-range antiseptic, fungicide, and bactericide.
Directions for use: Apply pure tea tree oil, or diluted if desired. For External Use Only
INGREDIENTS: 100% Grade A,Australian Melaleuca Alternifolia “TeaTree”Oil
one part of pure tea tree oil with 10 parts of cold pressed oil such as olive, apricot, almond, avocado, etc.
add 10 drops to an 8 oz. bottle of shampoo (human or pet)
add 10 drops to bath water

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