Pureform Alfalfa Support


SKU: EP5918

The all-in-one Alfalfa Support!

All-in-one concentrated support formula that delivers an amazing combination of Glucosamine, MSM, along with complete vitamins and recommended trace minerals along with anti-oxidants. Ingredients

Contents per daily serving: mg/IU/30 g
1 Level Scoop


Recommended for diets in the following list of horses that may not need added calcium and phosphorus (ie: diets that consist of a high ratio of alfalfa or feeds that are sufficient in calcium/phosphorus):

• Performance horses off season
• Pleasure horses in rehabilitation
• Pasture horses
• Breeding stallions
• Broodmares in foal and lactating mares
• Yearlings and weanling

Recommended Serving:
Daily Maintenance: 1/2 - 1 level scoop, twice per day.

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