Pureform Ammo Pre-Race


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Don't go into battle unarmed - load up with AMMO and hang on.

AMMO Pre-Race is a concentrated, test free, formula that has been tested significantly with Standardbred (harness Pacers and Trotters), Thoroughbred racing, Quarter Horse (racing and barrels) and Show Jumping. All timed events have shown benefit from the AMMO Pre-Race.

Just a word of thanks for your Pre-Race Ammo. Works wonders on my horse! I have added power, speed and just all around more horse under me. My horse was not running to his potential and by adding the Ammo on race day to his Performance One he is back and firing!!

This was not just luck because I have given to him on 4 different race weekends with the same result every time! The last 3 weekends in a row he has been running and winning and on the plus side, it has NOT increased hotness in him. If anything he is even more focused!

We always use PureForm products because we trust them and we know we are only using the best of quality ingredients. Now we have another product to add to our supplement plan and know that it is safe and not harmful in anyway for our horses. We will no longer "Go to war unarmed"! Like it says, load up and hold on! Thanks PureForm!!! Tanya Thompson & Lennie.


This proprietary blend of vitamins and nutraceuticals is the only PUREFORM product we hold close to our hearts and do not divulge the ingredients on the package or any promotional material. However, we guarantee this product for quality and results if the timing is right for your horse.


Recommended Serving:
Each 110 gram serving should be mixed with approximately 2-3 oz of water, stirred to dissolve, then oral syringed 90 -120 minutes before the race event.

Recommended for the following:
• Standardbred (Harness pacers and Trotters)
• Thoroughbred racing
• Barrel Racing
• Show Jumping


• Horses mood will be elevated without increasing hotness.
• Improved mental alertness and increased oxygen flow to muscles during warmup.

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