Reinsman 3/8" Sweet Iron Low Wide Ported Barrel Stage C 774


SKU: 774

7" Cheeks, 5 _" Mouth. The Diamond Twist is a classic 7" blued cheek with a stainless twist for a truly eye-catching look. And, the 3/8" Sweet Iron _" Low Wide Ported Barrel is a great mouthpiece for the horse that does not respond well to tongue pressure. Get maximum tongue relief! The width of this port allows plenty of room for the horse's tongue to pass underneath, and when engaged does not rotate onto the tongue. This bit works primarily off of bar and curb pressure. The sweet iron naturally rusts into a light patina which tastes great, increasing salivation for a supple mouth. The no pinch swivel cheeks combined with the wide ported barrel provide great independent cheek movement for shoulder lift and good rib cage bend. This bit is really easy for a horse to carry.

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