O & T Equine Power 2000 - 20 KG

O&T Farms

SKU: EqPower2000

Super-concentrated energy
28% crude fat and 22% crude protein
Reduce risk of laminitis, tying-up, gastric ulcers and EMs
Excellent Omega-3 health benefits

Directions for use:
Equine Power for Performance Horses is a supplemental energy source designed to be fed to performance horses along with good quality hay, grain, vitamin and mineral supplements at the rates listed below. Gradually introduce this supplement into the diet over a three week period.

Activity Level Daily Intake (grams) Daily Intake (Scoops)
Maintenance 125 1
Light Exercise 500 4
Moderate Exercise 875 7
Heavy Exercise 1500 12
Pregnant Mare
Late Gestation 500 - 750 4 - 6
Lactating Mare
Early Lactation 1500 12
Late Lactation 1250 10
Use the enclosed 125 gram measuring cup to measure quantities. Good quality water should be available at all times.

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