Masterfeeds Front Runner 12.5% Exactor Lite - 20KG


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Masterfeeds 12.5% Exactor Lite is our gold standard ration for the race horse and the needs of the high performance trainer looking for a very palatable, no corn, fibre added, texturized feed. Very popular with thoroughbred trainers and well liked across the industry for hard working horses that are fussy eaters and horses with sensitive digestive tracts. This feed is oat and barley based with a supplement pellet containing our premium vitamin mineral pack. It is blended with shredded beet pulp and rich with molasses.


Contains added fat from vegetable oil.
​Increases energy density to elevate calorie intake for the same amount of ration. Increases muscle glycogen content, over time (10 to 12 weeks).

No corn included.
Reduces the risk of rapid acid production in large intestine that may cause colic, ulcers, founder and/or diarrhea when adjusting to a higher, total grain intake.

Contains shredded beet pulp.
Increased energy and Crude Fibre bulk to support intense physical activity and digestive health.

Contains yeast culture.
Lowers gut acidity; produces enzymes that extract more energy and protein from hay and all other fibre sources.

Contains high level of vitamin E.
A powerful antioxidant to enhance immune response and improve tissue regeneration after strenuous exercise.

Contains 55 mg/kg copper.
Involved in hemoglobin formation and bone developments. Important for good health.

Contains chelated trace minerals.
For increased bio-availability of those nutrients essential for immune response, hoof health, bone and cartilage development.

Designed for feeding with hay.
Advanced nutrition to balance hay feeding for genetically superior performance horses in training.

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