Hoofjack Hoof Stand - Standard

St. Croix

SKU: Hoofjack Hoof Stand - Standard-1

Hoofjack® Hoof Stand - Standard

The Hoofjack® - Standard Hoof Stand - The Standard Hoofjack® will accommodate a pony up to a small draft or draft cross (hooves up to a size 7). If the hoof is less than 7 3/4" you will want to order the Standard or Medium Hoofjack®.(See Specs for sizing for both Standard and Medium to see which one fits your needs)

The Standard Hoofjack® includes one standard base, standard cradle, and one standard straight post with standard rubber cap.

  • The standard base is made of linear polyethylene.
  • Two strong 90 lb. pull magnets are included to hold your rasp, nippers, hoof knife etc., close at hand.
  • The base material comes with a three year warranty against horse breakage.
  •  Free 40 minute Hoofjack® instructional video included.

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