Horse Hydrator Water Filter 2000 Gallons

Horse Hydrator


You know that water and proper hydration can make a monumental impact in overall health and performance in your horse.  You always have water in front of them but they just aren't drinking enough.  With horses having a tremendous sense of both smell and taste, most equine enthusiasts fail to realize how selective their animals are. Often times when traveling with horses, they can be seen inspecting the foreign water they are being offered rather than drinking.  After splashing it around tasting and smelling it, they will sooner dehydrate themselves if the water tastes foul or smells strange.  Horse Hydrator provides an easy and affordable way to eliminate these strange tastes and smells.  

The filter easily attaches to a standard hose and not only rids the water of foul tastes and smells allowing horses to drink more but chlorine, soluble heavy metals, iron and hydrogen sulfide are significantly reduced in the filtration process. This second generation filter will last for up to 2,000 gallons.

This product will help to reduce injury that can be caused from dehydration and consuming the harmful elements listed above. Even a minor decrease in the horse's intake of water can cause major decreases in performance.

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