Hoffman's Horse Minerals - 8KG Pail


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Hoffman - Horse Minerals **Available for purchase, IN STORE ONLY **

Improvement in hoof quality

Our shoer told us our horses have the healthiest hooves of any he does.

Improved coat

Our senior stallion, Skip Zan Parr, had a hair coat that easily sun burned in the summer. Once we started feeding him our minerals, we could leave him without a summer sheet and his coat glowed. We would never show again without this positive benefit. Following our stallion dispersal, people called wanting to know how we got the shine on our studs. Because the sale was right at the end of the breeding season, those stallions didn’t get much extra care but they did get their minerals each day.

Ideal for older horses

We have found that Hoffman’s Horse Minerals® are great for old and/or arthritic horses. It limbers them up and helps them utilize their food better so that they gain in conditioning. Therefore it enables older performance horses to stay sound longer.

Reduced ulcers and nasal bleeding

Statistics say that 80% of race horses get ulcers and often race horses will bleed from the nose. Race horse owners report a great improvement with both of these problems after feeding Hoffman’s Horse Minerals®.

Reduced muscle tie-up

Horses that have muscle tie-up benefit greatly from being on our mineral and show marked improvement or complete relief.


Improved breeding

We A.l’d in breeding season and noted a marked improvement in sperm density, motility and volume in our old stallion. While we didn’t monitor the young stallions as closely, we did note an increase in volume there as well. We feel it would be quite helpful for any breeding stallion to be on Hoffman’s Horse Minerals®.

Easier to get in foal

We found that when breeding the brood mares on Hoffman’s Horse Minerals® they had stronger, more consistent heat cycles and, therefore, were easier to get in foal.

Improved bone structure

Colts on Hoffman’s Horse Minerals® are born with less leg problems and continue to develop bone structure better if both they and their mommas are fed the minerals. Foals tend to be growthier as well.

Easier foaling

One of our customer’s mares who always needed assistance foaling, foaled easily after spending the winter on our mineral

More stamina and energy

Working horses have more stamina and energy. When starting a young horse, we advise cutting back on grain rations because the chelated mineral will make a lot more of the nutrients available to the horse’s system. This makes it seem that you are feeding your horse a third more grain.


Our horse vet uses Hoffman’s Horse Minerals® and recommends it for certain problems she encounters in her customers’ horses.

The list of positive results goes on but we hope this will encourage you to try a bag or two of Hoffman’s Horse Mineral

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