STAYONS Poultice Hoof Wraps Epsom Salt (stone bruises/sore feet)


SKU: STAYONS Poultice Hoof Wraps Epsom Salt

Epsom salt poultice has traditionally been used to soak sore feet caused by inflammation, infection or heat. 'Tubbing' can be time-consuming and frustrating to accomplish. Epsom salt has sometimes been added onto poultice padding as a final step before wrapping,
but this method is cumbersome and usually not that effective.
STAYONS Epsom salt wraps provides an alternative method to soak feet, and can act as a true poultice when needed
. Consider using these hoof wraps for general soreness, inflammation from any source, reducing heat, bruised soles, infection and following heavy work. They can be combined with other topical therapy, poultice or antibiotics when needed or prescribed.

All our foot wraps are pre-filled and pre-shaped, covering not just the bottom of the foot, but importantly right from
the bulb of the heel, across the bottom, over the top, covering the entire coronary band. Full coverage, poultice wraps. Our patent pending fiber paper matrix design holds the poultice exactly where it is most needed. Our wraps are designed for quick application, and long duration of effect (up to 24 hours), due to its proprietary ratio of ingredients + gelling agent. Importantly, the wraps provide an effective, broad contact area that covers the entire foot. Clean up is even easier, as little to no residual poultice remains. Easy on hands, easy on clothes and even on barn drains.

DUAL ACTION - provides support for short term & longer term issues. Soaking the wrap in ice water provides effective immediate support for acute injury/inflammatory conditions, while providing poultice benefits for the longer term effects. Two way support all in one step. No need to remove cold wraps & apply poultice - STAYONS leg wrap uptake and hold the ice water, then slowly warms while the poultice blend provides its benefits. Win-win without the mess.

We recommend using these hoof wraps with our disposable, yet durable STAYONS POULTICE BOOTS. Our hoof wraps are designed for horse owners wanting to use our boots OR their usual cohesive wrap and tape method. For these folks, our hoof wraps provide the added benefit of rapid application, keeping hands cleaner to apply outer bandaging, and offer a reliable duration of effect for the poultice itself. Either way you choose to wrap & protect the poultice, STAYONS hoof wraps add a tremendous boost in coverage, time savings and convenience.


2 Wraps per Pack 

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